I have been a Nikon user for many years. My first DSLR camera was a Nikon D80 and served me well for many years. It was only in 2015 that I had the oppurtunity to invest in a Nikon D3s that one of my friends was selling. This was the start of my exploration into bird and wildlife photography. I have been fortunate to have owned many models of Nikon DSLR cameras over the years and I can say without a doubt the best model I have owned is the Nikon D850. It is the best Nikon DSLR ever made!
Don't be afraid of investing in second hand equipment from a reliable source.
From DSLR I have now moved to the Nikon Z mirrorless camera system.
I used a Nikon Z50 to test the mirrorless system and this is an amazing small compact camera and paired with a good lens gets you some amazing results for static subjects. Being a crop sensor camera it has a good reach. I still use it today when I need to, and it's great for video.
Camera body is Nikon Z9
Current Lens setup
Nikon 600mm PF f6.3
Nikon 400mm f4.5 + 1.4TC
Nikon 180-600mm f5.6-6.3
Nikon 70-200mm f2.8
Nikon 24-120mm f4
Nikon 14-30mm f4
Nikon 105mm f2.8
This combination of lenses works well for nature and wildlife photography.
Better gear does not make you a better photographer, but it will increase your chances of getting better images.
The more you practice the luckier you will get!
(Gary Player)

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